Update v0.3



  • There is now a new maze
  • It is now pitch black until the mainframe is activated so your flashlight will now be very useful
  • You now have to be touched by the enemy 3 times before you die
  • You now can only shoot 12 times before you run out of ammo

Known Issues

  • Levers and gun don't currently have textures so they are just white (this will be fixed when I revamp all models after consumables are added)

I recently discovered that you couldn't escape the last maze or even activate 4 of the levers as there were walls blocking them off. To fix this I made a slightly smaller maze which is now 117 x 117 meters instead of 120 x 120. You will also now see that after an enemy touches you they freeze for 5 seconds before moving again to give you a little breathing room. In the next update I plan to add enemy drops that you can see on the Trello at https://trello.com/b/XgZxSvvW

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